About Arc en Ciel

A Waldorf inspired Spanish speaking nursery school for children of around 16 months to 4 years.

Taught by Christine Labbe and Mirna Del Rosario at 312 Highland Avenue at Holly Park circle in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

Arc en Ciel is a Waldorf inspired Spanish speaking nursery school where children can feel comfortable and free to play, explore, and develop naturally.

It is an environment true to the methods of a Waldorf program where the body, mind, and the soul are nurtured. Natural toys, healthy organic food, lively circles in English, French and Spanish and story telling are part of the daily rhythm. The day also includes creative seasonal crafts activities and outdoor playing. Arc en Ciel strives to maintain the philosophy of a family home environment where children participate in everyday household activities.

Arc en Ciel strives to meet your needs for care by offering:

For more information write to theartlabbe@yahoo.com
or call (415) 648 1824

Please click here for an Arc en Ciel application.